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Alan Kay -- Short Bio

Collated by Paul Quek

  1. PhD (1969), University of Utah
    Undergraduate degrees in mathematics and molecular biology, University of Colorado

  2. Leader of the team that invented Smalltalk (the world's first Object-Oriented Programming Language or OOPL) at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)

  3. Winner of 2004's Turing Award for developing Smalltalk and fundamental contributions to computer science and personal computing (the Turing Award is the "Nobel Prize" for the computer science community)

  4. Winner of the Draper Prize from the National Academy of Engineering (the Draper Prize is the "Nobel Prize" for the engineering community)

  5. Winner of the Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology, awarded every four years by the Inamori Foundation

  6. Help developed pioneering 3-D graphics work for ARPA (Advanced Reserch Projects Agency) of the US's DOD (Department of Defense); also participated in the original design of the ARPANet (which later became the Internet)

  7. Founding member of Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)
    -- from PARC came modern workstations (and the forerunners of the Macintosh), Windows-GUI, Object-Oriented Programming Language or OOPL (with Smalltalk), desktop publishing, the Ethernet, laser printing, and network client-servers

  8. After PARC, became chief scientist at Atari, then Fellow of Apple Computer, and VP-R&D at The Walt Disney Company.

  9. Currently (as at 2006), Senior Fellow at HP Labs and President of VPRI (Viewpoints Research Institute) (a non-profit organization promoting the teaching of maths and science to children, using Squeak, an implementation of Smalltalk).

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